Steak  Fried Rice


This Asian-inspired Steak Fried Rice is made from wholesome ingredients for a healthier, delicious dinner that covers all the bases in one bowl. 


White Rice | Sirloin Steak Green Onions | Yellow Onion Carrots | Peas | Eggs | Butter Soy Sauce | Garlic | Sesame Oil Lemon Juice | Sesame Seeds

Cook sliced steak in a wok with butter for 5-7 minutes. Place cooked meat in a bowl and cover it.

Cook Steak

Add butter, yellow onion, carrots and green peas to the wok and stir for 3-4 minutes.

Add the white part of the green onion and garlic. Then add cooked rice, cooked meat, soy sauce and beaten eggs. Cook until rice is nicely golden.

Add lemon juice and sesame oil and stir to combine.

Serve with green onions and sesame seeds on top! Yummm!!

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