Chili Cheese


Fries, Chili Cheese, beans, and veggies make for a filling appetizer in this delicious recipe featuring zesty, Mexican-inspired flavors!


Vegetable Oil | Onion | Garlic Ground Beef | Chili Powder | Cumin Paprika | Salt | Frozen Fries Diced Tomatoes | Kidney Beans Mozzarella | Cheddar

Heat oil and sauté diced onion until translucent. Then, add garlic and stir one minute. Incorporate beef and seasonings and cook 5-8 minutes.


Add tomato and kidney beans and stir for 10 minutes. Cook frozen fries in the oven, then add chili topping and both cheeses. Bring it back to the oven for 10-15 minutes.

Get creative with your Mexican toppings. Fresh cilantro, diced green onions, sliced jalapeños, sour cream, or guacamole to enhance the flavor and presentation.

Serve with your chosen toppings. Yummm!!

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