Dreamcatcher Craft

for Kids

This DIY Dreamcatcher craft is such a fun and easy craft for kids. Bright and colorful, it is made with craft supplies you probably have on hand!


Craft Wire | Yarn | Pompoms Craft Feathers | Marker Construction Paper Scissors | Hot Glue Gun

Make a hoop using 16-gauge craft wire. Select a skein of yarn and tie a knot around the hoop without cutting the yarn from the skein.


Randomly wrap the yarn. Once you are satisfied with the pattern, tie 2 tight knots. Cut off the extra yarn. Use 1 or 2 more colored yarns for random wrapping.

Use the hot glue gun to attach pompoms around the dreamcatcher hoop. Cut different colored yarn strands and attach them to the hoop.

Trim the bottom ends of the yarn. Now get the colored craft feathers and attach them on the open bottom ends of the yarn hanging.

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