Christmas Tree Craft

String art

Make this adorable  String Art Christmas Tree Craft with your kids this holiday season. Use it in your own holiday decor or gift it to family members as a thoughtful gift from your kids.


Scrap Wood Pencil Nails Hammer String or Yarn

Cut wood into a rectangle, then use a pencil to trace a triangle tree shape with a star on top. Hammer nails into the wood along the traced lines, leaving a cm of space in between.


Select yarn and tie a knot around one of the nails of the star pattern. Draw the yarn around the outer sides of the star nails to trace the star pattern. Then fill the inside of the star. Once done, tie another knot around the current nail and cut off extra yarn.

Select yarn for tree portion of the craft and repeat tying and drawing strings randomly around tree nails. Tie knot around finishing nail.

Perfect gift or decor!! Merry christmas

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