double chocolate muffins


Great for breakfast, a snack, or even a dessert, these Double Chocolate Muffins are a tasty treat you’ll look forward to any time of day. With decadent chocolate flavor in every bite, you’ll think these came from a bakery.


All Purpose Flour Cocoa Powder | Plain Yogurt Chocolate Chips | Baking Powder Salt | Eggs | Sugar Canola Oil | Vanilla Extract Chocolate Chunks

Make Batter

Mix dry ingredients and chocolate chips together. Then, beat the eggs, and whisk in yogurt, vanilla, and oil. Next, mix the dry ingredients with the wet ingredients until well combined.


Divide the muffin batter into twelve muffin liners and bake for 20 to 22 minutes.

Let the muffins cool completely and if desired, melt chocolate chunks and drizzle over the muffins.


Serve with some milk or hot chocolate. Enjoy!

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