How to Make Hair Bows

3 easy styles

How to make hair bows in three easy styles – then change them, stack them, and add embellishments for a look that is perfect for the girls in your life!

Everyone has different methods for how to wrap their ribbon for this bow. I found cardboard guides to be most useful. Click through for instructions on creating the guides.

pinwheel bow

Wrap your ribbon around the guide 2 and a half times. Hand stitch up the center of the bow, remove from the guide, and secure the thread with a knot. Attach a hair clip to the back of the bow using hot glue. You can also glue embellishments to the center of the bow.

Cut 2 pieces of ribbon double the size you’d like your completed bow. Fold the ends of the ribbon into the middle point and hand stitch up the center of both ribbons. Attach the hair clip and embellishments. It's that easy!

bowtie bow

Cut quite a long piece of ribbon and make a figure 8 by folding the ends over and bringing them to the middle. Make sure your loops are the same size. 

boutique bow

Next, bring the center of both loops to the middle of your “8”, where your ends meet. Then sew up the center. Time to plug the glue gun in and secure the hair clip and any embellishments you’d like.

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