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Under the Sea Toddler Craft - MyNourishedHome.com
Under the Sea Toddler Craft
Prep Time
10 mins
Cook Time
15 mins
Total Time
25 mins

This adorable, printable under the sea craft is perfect for toddlers and preschoolers.

Author: Cynthia Rusincovitch
  • colored construction paper
  • printable template
  • scissors
  • craft glue
  • googly eyes
  1. Select colored construction paper for the craft and prepare the template shapes by printing and cutting them out. Trace the shape cut-outs on the selected craft papers and cut them out nicely. You can also do freehand drawings of the shapes. The template includes square, circle, triangle, star, and arch shapes.

  2. Get creative in this step. You can use a triangle and a circle to make a fish pattern, or you can also use a trapezium and a triangle to make a fish pattern. To make a jellyfish pattern, use an arch shape for the body and thin strips for the bottom side of the jellyfish. Use craft glue to attach the shapes and complete each pattern.

  3. Add googly eyes to the fish and jellyfish patterns. Use a black sharpie to draw smiley faces on them.

  4. Prepare a piece of blue construction paper for the ocean background and start adding the shape cutouts to create the undersea craft scene. 

  5. Add the fish, jellyfish and other shape items to create the under the sea craft scene.

  6. Create more colorful shape fish, jellyfish, starfish, and other items. Use craft glue to attach the prepared items to the blue background paper and have fun!