unicorn felt pen topper


If I want to get my kids to the craft table, I find a unicorn craft! This easy felt unicorn pen topper is simple to create but oh so cute!

  what you need

Felt Fabric Pencil or Pen Scissors Needle & Thread Seed Bead

Cut Out

Take your selected felt colors and trace the template patterns on them. Place the horn pattern on the horn layout of the back base, and place the 2 small triangles in the middle of the ear layouts of the front base. Stitch them with the base cutouts.

The Face

Take the 3 small round shapes, arrange them along the top end of the front base and stitch the center of them to the base. Take the semi-circular cutouts and place on the bottom side of the front base. Use a thin black marker pen to draw the face details of the unicorn. Use black thread to stitch along the traced face details.

Place the horn-stitched base on the back side and place the face stitched part on the front. Make sure that all sides of both base parts are matched. Keep about 1.5 cm of the felt unicorn open on the bottom middle end, stitch all around the sides.

Stitch it Up

Tie a knot, draw the needle inside the felt pattern and draw it back out again. Cut off extra thread and done!

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