Whole Chicken


Smoked Whole Chicken is the holy grail of smoker recipes. This smoked whole chicken recipe is perfect every time. Full of flavor and easy to prep for the smoker or grill. And this bird comes off the smoker tasting fabulous!


Whole Chicken Butter | Paprika Onion Powder | Salt Cayenne Powder Thyme | Pepper

Prep Ingredients

Preheat smoker to 280f. Trim chicken of any excess skin, rinse and thoroughly pat dry with a paper towel. Mix the remaining ingredients into a soft paste.

Season Chicken

Gently place seasoning paste under the skin of each breast. Gently massage the skin to help distribute the butter over the chicken breast.

Cook Chicken

Melt remaining butter mixture, then pour over chicken and rub with your hands to coat the entire bird. Tie legs together and tuck the wings. Cook in smoker for 3.5 hours. Remove and tent with foil for 10 minutes.

Slice and serve. Enjoy!

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