Christmas Card Craft


These 3D Christmas Cards are polished and elegant to give but simple enough to enjoy making with kids and grandkids.


Colored Craft Paper Glitter Craft Sheet Pencil Scissors Craft Glue

Making The Tree

Use a pencil to trace 5 triangle shapes on green colored craft paper and cut out the traced shapes. Fold each triangle in half vertically. 

Add Tree to Card

Attach 2 folded triangles to the card side by side. Apply glue to another triangle and place along the middle line of the previously attached triangles Repeat with other triangles.

Trace a small 5-point star pattern on a glitter craft sheet and cut it out. Attach the star cutout on the top of the 3d tree.

Add Star

A free template for the 3D Christmas tree, gift box, ornament and 3D angel are included!

Quilled Christmas Card Craft

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